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Bikebox Only


Our Enviro Bike Box is used by the Australian National Cycling Team.
This package includes:

  • Light-weight Enviro Bike Box
  • Straps to aid weight distrubtion more evenly
  • Size based on Qantas Standard

Cost: $99 (+ shipping, inc. GST)


Xtra Package


This package is ideal for the seasoned traveller - it includes: 

  • A piece of DIY board 120x80 cm, 
  • One front wheel envelope to transport an additional wheel, 
  • A front fork stub, 
  • Plastic rear hub guard and Plastic front wheel guard.
  • See video of how to use this during transportation

Cost: $120 (excl. shipping, inc. GST)


Sports Pro Package


This package includes:

  • 1 x Enviro Bike Box
  • Includes all the features of the Xtra Package for travel
  • Includes high quality removable wheels to ease transportation - see video

Cost: $150 (ex. shipping, inc. GST)

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